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About Us

About Us

Welcome to Our Yoga Place! Home to the authentic practice of Yoga. Where every person regardless of their age, gender, beliefs, limitations, and skill level can experience Yoga and get benefits from this timeless practice. We’re a unique synthesis of all the traditions of Yoga. You’ll find beginner-friendly classes as well as intermediate and advanced yoga classes in their authentic traditional form.

We are conveniently located at the heart of East Singapore just adjacent to the Tampines MRT station. We're home to authentic Yoga styles while also offering rarely-available traditional Yogic cleansing practices (Shuddhi Kriya), which make us a truly unique Yoga sanctuary. Bringing you the timeless pure Yoga practices in light with modern scientific understanding.

We consider Yoga as a lifestyle. It is a way of life. What we learn on the mat leaves impacts on our lives off the mat. As soon as you step into Our Yoga Place,  you will immediately connect with yourself. We believe in the synthesis of all Yoga styles. We are home to Ashtanga Yoga classes such as Ashtanga Primary Led, Ashtanga half led and Mysore classes. We also offer Iyengar Yoga with state-of-the-art facilities, props like Wall Ropes, Chairs, Bolsters, Blankets, Bricks, Belts and some rare props such as Yoga Tresslor,Viparita Dandasana Bench, Sirsasana Bench etc. We conduct Iyengar Yoga Level 1, Level 2 and general level classes including special classes like Iyengar Back Care, Iyengar Inversions etc. We host unique classes based on Yogic Cleansing Processes titled as 'Shuddhi Krama'. Visit us and know the future of Yoga in Singapore.

Yoga is a time-tested practice that includes physical postures (Asana), breath work (Pranayama), cleansing processes (Shuddhi Kriya), relaxation and meditation techniques (Dhyana), and mindfulness. In ancient times it was practiced for higher inner experiences like enlightenment. In modern times people practice for a variety of reasons such as improving strength, flexibility, better immunity, better sleep etc. Whatever is your reason, we have plenty of classes for you..

A one of its kind Yoga studio where Yoga is not just a physical workout but an integrated part of our holistic health.