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Nepal Yoga Retreat

Keep aside all the worries, stress and tensions of daily life and join us for an astral journey to Himalayas. Our teacher Mahendra leads you through Himalayan Yogic adventure in Nepal. Snow capped mountains, fresh air and organic food. The journey begins on 19th of November to Kathmandu and later to Pokhara exploring both the places we head back on November 27th.

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Yoga Parva - Yoga Festival

Join us as we celebrate the joy Yoga is!! This june Our Yoga Place celebrates its first anniversary and  International Day of Yoga with a Yoga Festival. Starting on Friday, June 17th; this festival will continue for 5 days till Tuesday June 21st. During these 5 days enjoy an array of special classes, Yoga sessions and workshops by our in-house teachers as well as some guest teachers! Join us for our anniversary event on June 18th evening for some performances and enlightening documenteries on Yoga,

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Yoga Kurunta Workshop with Krishna

Yoga Kurunta (Koronta, or also known as Yoga Rope Wall) is a practice that was initially introduced by T. Krishnamacharya in his yogashala in Mysore, Karnataka, India. The initial postures were published in the book Yoga Makaranda. Later on, BKS Iyengar, having been inspired by his Guru Kirshnamacharya, developed a deeper practice on yoga Kurunta in Pune. Iyengar in his later years, used Yoga Kurunta as therapeutic, strengthening and alignment tool. In her book “Yoga - A Gem for Women”, Gheeta Iyengar gives a thorough explanation of the first yoga Kurunta postures ever taught to women. Yoga Kurunta aims to allow the body to be suspended as well as supported and be able to create different postures without injury. It is a practice were we use ropes which have been attached to a wall and they allow freedom of movement, stability, flexibility and body awareness

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Arm Balances and Inversions in Yoga

Join our teacher Mahendra for our upcoming workshop Arm Balances and Inversions in Yoga. Arm balances and inversions are indivisible parts of Asana practice. learn in this workshop all the fundamentals of these practices. correct attitude and techniques make these practice worth all the hype we see all around on internet. If you're a beginner; this is an excellent opportunity for you kicksstart your journey to Arm Balances and Inversions. Click thebutton below to know more! If you've been already practicing arm balances and inversions; add more poses to your list!

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300 Hrs Yoga Teachers' Training Course

Our Yoga Place announces its first ever 300-hour Yoga Teachers’ Training Course "Essence of Hatha Yoga" conducted entirely by our Senior Teacher Mahendra. This Yoga TTC is designed for the practitioners who want to teach Yoga or deepen their understanding of Yoga in various ways. Learn how to teach with purpose and creativity. Learn how to begin, maintain and progress in your self practice.

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