Standard Yoga Chair Black



Standard Yoga Chair Black

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Iyengar Yoga Chairs can be used by any level of yoga practitioner and this can be used to learn and deepen countless different yoga poses. This is a classic prop for yoga practice. Used to aid rotation in seated twists on a chair, such as for support in backbends, in Viparita Karani, and supported shoulder stand pose(Sarvangasana), and many other asanas.

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The chair is used to support the spine from the tailbone to the shoulder blades. Hence, allowing the top shoulders, neck, and head to release back and down. This is an excellent way for seniors, to reduce pain in the lower body, as well as in the upper body. This yoga chair is made of high-quality metal and finished with a high-quality black color matte finish. This metal chair is stable. It has a horizontal square-shaped flat seat at the appropriate height. This prop features very good stability and grip.  As a result, it provides comfort & safety in yoga practice. Also, it has a high weight-bearing capacity.

Yoga Chair has premium quality leg caps. Hence, that won’t come out or get damaged even after many years of practice. Standard size yoga chair which is very good for a yoga practitioner for the ones who are below 168cm in height.

This can be stored in a small place. Hence, it is easy to store & transport.

  • Weight: 4.250kg
  • Size: 51cm x 47cm x 79cm
  • Material: Metal